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2007 Lengda founded
  Sep 2008 1st delivery to Japan
  Feb 2009 1st delivery to Europe
  Apr   2009 1st 3G netbook in China launched by China Mobile
  May  2009 1st delivery to Korea
  Jul     2009 1st deliver to Mexico
  Sep  2009 1st delivery Brazil by SKD
  Nov 2009 One of best cULV products with 11.1”/11.6” supplier
  Dec 2009 ISO9001:2001 and ISO14001:2000 approved
  Mar 2010 To become a member of INTEL CHAMP
• So far, we have been providing products and service for
    2 of top3 local OEMs in China
    2 of top3 local OEMs in Korea
    2 of top3 local OEMs in Japan
    1 of top3 local OEMs in Brazil
    1 of top local OEMs in South America

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